Rigas Futbola Skola (@1.75) vs FK Ventspils (@4.33)

Our Prediction:

Rigas Futbola Skola will win

Rigas Futbola Skola – FK Ventspils Match Prediction | 04-11-2019 07:00

In tab Goals stats (tab Stats->Goals stats) check how many loses and scored goals per game, how many games won and lost to zero. Also you can check the statistics of possession, shots, corners, offsides, and many other applications. Our site is not limited to only as this. We invite you to check Rigas Futbola skola and Ventspils match statistict (Tab Stats->Match statistics), where you will find out who is the best scorer. You will find what results teams Rigas Futbola skola and Ventspils usually end matches with divided into first and second half. In the section Schedule you will find full schedule of both teams for the whole season. Check Odds stats (Tab Stats->odds), where you will find graphical statistics bet Under / Over and Handicap.In tab Form(Stats->form) you find graph teams form and a list of all matches of Rigas Futbola skola and Ventspils in season.

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Team standings

The table below shows the average goals scored by each of the two challenger teams and the one of the current championship Latvia - Virsliga It can direct your Over / Under choices as not in all the championships score goals with the same frequency and also the teams FK Rigas Futbola skola and Spartaks can score differently from the others.

You can understand by yourself the rhythms of goals maintained by the two teams FK Rigas Futbola skola and Spartaks, and how much is It is probable that goals will be scored based on the past and we have the same data for the first and second halves as well. We arrive at the summary table, in which you will find all the values that we have explained the calculation in.

In 10 (58.82%) matches in season 2019 played at home was total goals (team and opponent) Over 2.5 goals. Below you will find a lot of statistics that make it easier Predict the result for a match between both teams. Ventspils won 8 matches. In 20 (86.96%) matches played away was total goals (team and opponent) Over 1.5 goals. Teams Rigas Futbola skola Ventspils played so far 15 matches.Rigas Futbola skola won 5 direct matches. In 15 (65.22%) matches played away team was total goals (team and opponent) Over 2.5 goals. Ventspils average scored 1.49 goals per match in season 2019. Below the text is a list of the direct games. On average in direct matches both teams scored a 3.07 goals per Match.Rigas Futbola skola in actual season average scored 1.71 goals per match. 2 matches ended in a draw. In 14 (82.35%) matches played at home was total goals (team and opponent) Over 1.5 goals.

Matches between teams

The team Spartaks scored a number of home wins equal to 4 out of 12, but FK Rigas Futbola skola won 7 times out of 12 at home. Spartaks scored 17 goals and suffered 23 while FK Rigas Futbola skola scored respectively 21 goals scored and 12 goals conceded. The 4 points that separate Spartaks and FK Rigas Futbola skola underline the technical parity and photograph the balance between the two formations. The two teams are equal in different aspects, not least the position in the classification very similar. A compelling challenge whose prediction will have to consider the performance, the state of form and many other aspects.

You will find at your disposal, at the end of the reading, a lot of information and statistics that will allow you to understand the outcome of this game.First of all subscribe to the site so you can view this prediction in a complete manner. We are going to analyze the prediction of FK Rigas Futbola skola - Spartaks.

The two challenging teams bring an average of goals compared to 1.75 of the average goals of the whole tournament. This means that the average of the challengers is compared to the average total goal of the championship. The average goal of the two formations protagonists of the challenge is of that of the championship. The average total goals of the two teams in the second half is . ' ; The two formations have scored goals against an average tournament of 0.5 goal. Comparing this data with the average of the championship (1.25) we note that the first value is of the second.

Analysis of the State of Form: FK Rigas Futbola skola

In the graphics at the beginning of the article you can learn more about the performances of the two teams in the last 5 league games. The form of the two teams will be the starting point to analyze the match and the teams that will take the field. For a better understanding of the table, we list here the list of columns: date on which the match was played, list of the two teams, goals scored throughout the match and in the first half only, position in the ranking before the clash.