India (@7.5) vs China (@1.05)

Our Prediction:

China will win

India – China Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 05:00

Pakistan and India are the biggest cricket rivals. We will also tell you the results of match prediction. Whenever they come forth in a cricket contest, it becomes the most famous match. Fans not only from Pakistan and India, but the match is watched by the fans from all around the world. Here we will guide you about India vs Pakistan live streaming CWC 2019 for all countries.

They will be high on confidence after winning the Intercontinental Cup. The Indian team, on the other hand, has also become a formidable unit over the past couple of years and seen a meteoric rise in Rankings.

In the chart of Narendra Modi the maximum number of planets are connected with the 7th house or its lord. Later in the year 2020 he would have been under the Vimshottari dasha of Moon-Venus ( October 2018 to June 2020) which also indicates danger of war under his leadership. Venus is the lord of 7th house in the chart of Narendra Modi. The current dasha lords Moon and Saturn are also connected with the 7th house/lord of war.

Scottish First Division

The Capricorn sign gets only 20 points in the Sarvashataka Varga which make it a weak rashi. In the foundation chart of India the Capricorn is the 7th house from its natal Moon in Cancer. But before this in 2016 there will be territorial wars that India will have to face risking a danger to its economy which is going upward with the GDP growth rate of more than 7 percent at present. This combination has had given war in 1962 with China and it will again give a devastating war in 2020. So the major planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Mars transiting from the Capricorn sign gives trouble to India.

War like situation will continue on its borders, especially North-West border. Ever since July 2015, foreign relations will be two fold. Politicians will gain new friends for India with their tours, while neighbours like Pakistan, China will continue to deteriorate. (This could be reason behind Prime Minister Narendra Modis foreign tours). There is strong possibility of a war with Pakistan and also raise in cross-border terrorism.

The army generals sitting in Rawalpindi had now managed to pin down Nawaz Sharif and confined his political powers to Islamabad only. At home the Pakistan army secretly instigated Imran Khan, an opposition leader of Tehreek-e-Insaf party, to stage a huge protest against Nawaz Sharif ruling government in the month of August which continued till December. Later in July Pakistan army broke the ceasefire at the line of control in Kashmir.

The Rahu in the 2nd house is at Maraka position but it also shows heavy influx of foreign funding during its sub-period. Now it is the enigmatic dasha of Venus-Rahu is in operation and Pakistan is at the risk of loosing Baluchistan and Aazad Kashmir (or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir as India claims). In case of war with India the Pakistan is assured in getting the strategic support from Muslim countries (Rahu) and China.


India will do good in popular sports like Cricket but not as good as it did in Sun dasa (2009-15). Few cricketers will break past records to become superstarsof this generation. Indian spy agencies will be more sharper in next 10 years. Few neighbours like Sri Lanka will cooperate but Pakistan, China will continue to be a problem. Production of Food and Milk products will increase.

But the Pakistan army and terrorist organization miffed at this meeting of Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi. This terrorist attack by Pakistani militants received a worldwide condemnation and led to the break-down of India-Pakistan relations. The expected return gift was send by them on the 2nd of January 2016 when a heavily armed group of terrorists attacked the Pathankot Air Force station in the border state of Punjab in India.

The Indian army with the help of Mukti Bahini created an independent state of Bangladesh by driving out Punjabi-Pukthoon army of West Pakistan who were earlier indulge into atrocities on Bengalis there. Now in Venus-Rahu ( 21 February 2015 to 20 February 2018) the country is at the risk of another disintegration. In year 1971, during the Saturn-Venus dasha in Vimshottari, the country lost East Pakistan after war with India.

The exact degree aspect or conjunction by malefic planet like Mars and/or Saturn to the Sun and/or Moon at the time of an eclipse is a tested principal of predicting war and earthquakes. It is a classical principal of Mundane astrology that at the time of an eclipse if the Sun and/or Moon receive the aspect of a malefic planet then it will bring natural calamities and war. The solar eclipse of 1st of September 2016 will fall at the Leo sign which would be under the exact degree aspect from Saturn then.